Kisumu School, Kenya (SEPT '21)

For this launch project, we have identified a school in Kisumu County, Kenya. Primarily, schools in less affluent parts of the world focus their education on maths and science, and rarely teach or discuss creative subjects such as art. We feel that exploring creativity is an essential skill to thrive in a fast changing world.

In this particular school, there are no art materials to speak of, but some of their students doodle all day in their textbooks. Whether it's someone doodling flowers, or another who draws animals, we believe that there are some hidden talents, just waiting to be uncovered. We want you to help us uncover them!

The target for a year of sustainable tuition and engagement is £3,300. We will then provide the following:

• Hardline broadband connection (anti-theft)
• 1 Yr Broadband license (to continue online learning)
• Computer
• Projector
• Per class student:
12 Watercolour half-pan set (metal box)
Set of 6 round brushes (varying sizes)
12 sheets large watercolour paper (300gsm)

Please help us achieve this goal. All supporters will receive an invite to the launch event where we can paint-along together and see what the students create and how they react to the new resources.

CONTINUOUS SUPPORT: We want our impact to be sustainable. With a 1 year broadband license, we ask the school to join our free art webinars regularly so that the students continue to develop their skills.

To watch a video where we interview students, teachers and parents from the school, visit our ABOUT page.

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