Workshop Video (16 JUL '20)
ByCarole Massey

Purchase access to an exclusive video of this live masterclass, shot on 16th July '20. In this masterclass, aimed at all abilities, Carole will show you techniques to simplify and analyse the features, consider bone structure, measure proportions and tackle shading enabling you to achieve a likeness.

The main portrait will be in charcoal but Carole will also show you some techniques in colour for painting the eyes and mixing skin tones. If you’ve been too scared to attempt a portrait before, join this Masterclass and learn how to!

Click the 'Select Variant' dropdown and select 'Attendee discount' for a 75% discount if you attended the live masterclass. This is ONLY applicable for live masterclass attendees.

PLEASE NOTE: We unlock access to the video via YouTube. You therefore require an Google account. If your YouTube account email address is different from the email you are using to make this purchase, please let us know after the purchase.

Masterclass Video (£39.00)
Masterclass Video (£39.00)
Attendee Discount (£15.00)

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