Frequently Asked Questions

About this shop

What is ShopKeepEasy?

This shop is built and hosted by ShopKeepEasy.

ShopKeepEasy has specific features for communities and makes it hassle-free for schools, clubs, groups or charities to run their own online shop.

You can design and sell embroidered or printed clothing in your selected colours, fundraising gifts, tickets for events, subscriptions for memberships, or collect donations for worthwhile causes. It even collects gift aid!

Once the 'shop manager' has selected and launched items for sales on their shop, the platform connects with approved suppliers so that when an order is placed, the on-demand manufacture and delivery of items is automated, direct to customers. There are no minimums. Easy!

Alternatively, if you want to sell stock of your own, you can manage your stock levels through our built in stock manager. It also makes it easy to sell 2nd hand items at the click of a button.

Who do I contact about this shop?

This shop has been built and is run by an assigned 'shop manager' using the ShopKeepEasy platform. This is usually either an employee or volunteer at the school, club or group. Sometimes, they add their contact details on the shop 'About' page.

If you would like them to add alternative items for sale, or you have questions about deliveries or returns, please speak to them.

ShopKeepEasy is unable to answer questions relating to how the shop manager wants to run their shop.

Can I set up my own shop?

Of course! Visit and sign up. We offer a one month free trial. If you are a student and are working on a business enterprise project, you may qualify for a free license. Contact us.

Ordering items

How do I find all the items I need?

The assigned shop manager can create multiple shop pages for different categories of item. Click the 'SHOP PAGES >' dropdown at the top of the page to view a list of shop pages available.

Does the item include the official emblem?

If the item includes your embroidered or printed emblem, it will be indicated on the product page next to the word 'Personalisation'.

Shop managers can also choose to allow customers to add individual personalisation - such as embroidering or printing your name onto the item. If so, you will see text fields that allow you to do this.

Do you have size charts?

Many of our items have a size chart link next to the size selection dropdown on the product page.

For clothing items, we state 'to fit' sizing unless otherwise indicated.

I can't find the item I'm looking for.

Please contact your assigned shop manager and ask them to add more options via the shop admin dashboard. If you don't know who the shop manager is, please ask your establishment.

Why create an account?

This shop is powered by ShopKeepEasy, used by thousands of establishments to manage their online shops.

In order to purchase items, ShopKeepEasy credit is used to pay the respective establishment. It can also be used as a way of refunding you.

Customer accounts can subsequently contain funds, credits and other important information about your order status and history.

It is therefore important that you have verified your email address. This is done by creating an account via the online shop.

What is the 'Collect from Establishment' option at checkout?

If enabled by your establishment, you may see an option to collect your requested items from them, rather than home delivery.

Your establishment has two options for placing collection request orders:

1. MANUAL. The postage charge is paid by the establishment. However, the assigned shop manager may wait until a number of collection requests have been made prior to placing the order since they qualify for free delivery if there are 10 items or more.

2. AUTO. The customer pays 50% delivery charge. The platform automatically places the order and ships to the establishment once two collection requests have been placed.

NOTE: Requesting items for collection can result in a delay before your order is processed. If you want your items urgently, it is advisable to use the home delivery option.

To change the status of your order, visit order history and change your order type to home delivery.

Adding funds

Why add funds to pay for items?

In order to make payments and refunds as efficient as possible, ShopKeepEasy credit is used to pay the respective establishment. Once you have added funds to your ShopKeepEasy account, this can then be used to purchase items from any establishment with a shop using our platform.

When you purchase an item, the full amount is automatically transferred from ShopKeepEasy to the account funds of that establishment. If the item requires manufacturing or shipping by ShopKeepEasy supplier, this amount is then deducted from the account funds of the establishment to process.

Similarly, if you require a refund, the establishment can easily refund your account (see the section Returns).

Can I check that the order has been placed?

You should receive an order confirmation email when you've placed an order.

Alternatively, you can click 'My Account' and then 'Order history' to check that the order has been placed.

Amending your order

Can I cancel or amend my order?

Even though you have placed your order and received your confirmation email, you can still cancel your order provided that it has not entered production.

Click 'My Account' and then 'Order History'. View details of the order you wish to cancel and click 'Cancel this order'.

If you do not see this option, then the order has already begun processing. If you would like to change the delivery address, please contact ShopKeepEasy via support[at]

Delivery times

How long will my order take?

This depends on where the item you have ordered originates from.

• If the item is held in stock at your establishment, you should be notified that it is in stock at checkout. It is down to your establishment to communicate with you regarding delivery or pickup.

• If the item is payment for a service or donation, then there usually is no physical delivery. Again, it is down to the establishment to communicate with you if applicable.

• If the item is despatched by one of our partners, there are different timescales depending on a number of factors.

> Please click on individual supplier names in the FAQ menu for more info.

How much is delivery?

This depends on where the item you have ordered originates from, and where the item is being delivered to.

• If the item is held in stock at your establishment, and they have agreed to despatch, this will be made clear at checkout.

• If the item is despatched by one of our partners, different postage rates may apply. Please click on individual supplier names in the FAQ menu for more info.

My order has taken ages!

If you made a home delivery order, you should have been notified about the approximate despatch date. If you have not received your order after this time, contact your shop manager who can log into their administrator account and view the status and tracking ID for all order under the order tab.

If you placed a 'collect from establishment' order, it may be that your shop manager has not yet placed the order through SKE. You will need to contact them.

If you would like to convert your order from collect from establishment to home delivery, simply login to your account, visit order history to upgrade to home delivery.

What if I'm not home for delivery?

Don't worry. The person who delivers your order will leave a card saying they've called. There will be instructions on how to have your item redelivered or for you to collect from the local depot. The assigned shop manager also has access to your order status and tracking numbers.


Returning an item

If you want to return an item, it is at the discretion of the assigned shop manager at the establishment to issue you with a refund.

Please contact your establishment to return the items to them. The shop manager name is usually indicated on the ABOUT page in the menu. If it is not there, please ask your establishment.

Once they have refunded your account, the ShopKeepEasy platform helps your shop manager resell the item on this platform by listing it as an item in stock at the establishment.

PLEASE NOTE: It is important that the item returned is in its original condition, unused and with the original packaging so that they can be resold.

If you have a faulty item, please see 'Faulty items' below.

Getting my refund

As soon as your shop manager processes your return, your ShopKeepEasy account will show the credit that will automatically be applied to your next order.

Credit can be used to purchase items from any school, club, business or group using the ShopKeepEasy platform.

Faulty items

In the unlikely event that there is a fault with an item you have received, and it was processed by a ShopKeepEasy supplier, you can return it to ShopKeepEasy in its original condition within 14 days of delivery for a full refund or exchange.

In the first instance, please send a photo of the faulty item and your order reference number to support[at]

If the item originated from your establishment, please contact the assigned shop manager whose name can usually be found on the ABOUT page in the menu. If it is not there, please ask your establishment.

Your account / password

I've forgotten my login details. What now?

Go to 'My Account' and Customer login. Click 'Forgot Password' and we will email you a special link to reset your password.

Can I use my account to order from different school or club shops?

Yes. If their shops are powered by ShopKeepEasy, you can login with the same details and use any fund balances you have.

Can I see my purchase history?

Yes. Simply login, click 'My Account' and then 'Order history'.

Suppliers: SKE Clothing

What is SKE Clothing?

ShopKeepEasy has partnerships with many clothing suppliers (Fruit of the Loom, AWDis, Gildan, Banner, David Luke, Guides, to name a few) and enable the embroidery and print of these items on demand.

This is an optional, automated service provided by the platform, helping reduce the admin hassle to school and club volunteers around the country.

How much is delivery?

For £4.92, ShopKeepEasy provides a tracked delivery service with Royal Mail. If you order over 10 items, delivery is free.

If your establishment has activated the 'collect from us' option, delivery can be half price or free, no matter the quantity ordered.

How long is delivery?

For home delivery orders, ShopKeepEasy aims to despatch from the embroiderer or printer within 14 days. You are also notified by email on the status of your order as it is processed.

For 'collect from' establishment orders, you are notified by the shop manager when it is ready for collection. There may be a delay in processing these orders, as the shop manager chooses when to place any 'grouped' multiple order with SKE. The platform has no control of when this happens.

Suppliers: SKE Gifts

What is SKE Gifts?

ShopKeepEasy has partnerships with many gift suppliers (such as framed/unframed prints, cards, mugs, phone cases, water bottles, towels etc.) and enable the printing of these items on demand.

This is an optional, automated service provided by the platform, helping increase fundraising opportunities while reducing the admin hassle to school and club volunteers around the world.

How much is delivery?

Since we use suppliers around the world and ship globally, this depends on a number of factors including destination and size of gift. Please see checkout for price.

All gift items can only be ordered for home delivery. They cannot be collected from your establishment.

How long is delivery?

ShopKeepEasy aims to despatch within 5 working days.

Supplier: ShopKeepArty

What is ShopKeepArty?

When schools and clubs closed down during covid, ShopKeepArty was set up to help teach art to anyone, with the help of professional artists via live and recorded webinars.

This was such as success, SKA now has a YouTube channel with over 20,000 subscribers and a video library with over 500 hours of amazing tutorials from around 100 of the world's best art tutors.

Some of the professional artists use ShopKeepEasy to manage the sales of their videos, class bookings, original art and art prints.

How long is delivery?

If you have purchased an art tutorial video from our art video library, you need to unlock the video by completing our video unlock form here >

For art webinar tickets, SKA will send you the relevant webinar login details incl. reference pictures etc. the day before the event.

For art prints and other gifts, please see the SKE Gifts supplier section in the menu.

Supplier: TOA Sports

What is TOA Sports?

TOA Sports provides high quality, bespoke sportswear at great value prices. They use ShopKeepEasy to launch their club shops and manage their order workflow.

TOA also gives admin access to the club admins so that they can use their shops for more than just kit ordering so that they can manage and report on all sales via one convenient dashboard. See About this shop in the side menu.

How much is delivery?

For £4.80, TOA provides a tracked delivery service, direct to your home. If you order over 10 items, delivery is free.

How long is delivery?

There are two types of item provided by TOA Sports: Those that are embroidered or printed from stock and those that are custom made, bespoke sportswear.

• From stock sports items are usually black or navy in colour and simply require the embroidery or print. TOA aim to despatch from stock items within 14 days.

• Bespoke sports items are usually made in the club colours with club design (eg stripes). These items are made to order and are not taken from stock. TOA aim to despatch bespoke items within 5 weeks.

If you order a mixture of from stock and bespoke items in one order, TOA will only ship your order when complete. If you require from stock items sooner, please make a separate order.

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