ByKay Elliott Art

Get access to an exclusive video of the live workshop, shot on 1st July 2020. In this workshop, Kay walks you through painting 'Breezy Lilies'.

Click the 'Select Variant' dropdown below and choose from the following options:

• 'Full Workshop' if you didn't attend the live workshop. If required, we can also send you the applicable reference photos, reference painting and materials list.

• 'Workshop Replay' at a 75% discount **Only applicable if you attended the live workshop**. When purchased, we will check that your email matches with an email used for the live workshop.

PLEASE NOTE: For private access to the video, you will need an account on YouTube. If your YouTube email address is different from the email you are using to make this purchase, please let us know after the purchase.

Full Workshop (£44.00)
Full Workshop (£44.00)
Workshop Replay (£11.00)

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