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Frequently Asked Questions

About ShopKeepEasy

Who are ShopKeepEasy?

ShopKeepEasy makes it simple to create and manage an online shop for your establishment with great fundraising features built in. Be it a school, college, club, charity or even a commercial enterprise, we provide many powerful features for free that enable you to run your shop the way you want without the hassle. Our team has over 15 years experience in the industry and have worked with some of the world's biggest retailers.

Depending on the items that you have created on your shop, we then help print, embroider, engrave or emboss products to order and ship direct to your customers. Easy!

What are the benefits of an online shop powered by ShopKeepEasy?

Our free platform is super easy to set up and use. Simply choose from hundreds of ShopKeepEasy pre-selected products or upload the items you wish to sell (such as your own products, tickets and more). It's also an effective fundraising tool as you can price everything yourself and raise money for your establishment. Your customers will find our shops easy to use too. They can choose home delivery or collect from you. ShopKeepEasy will help you collect the money online, manufacture to order and despatch the items within 14 days.

Your shop is built for mobile and tablet shopping. We've also made it easy for you to upload your own images and content so that your shop has the look and feel you want.

How do I set up a shop?

It's simple to create a shop. Register your admin details and follow the steps to create your group shop.

What can we sell in our shop?

Anything. We have access to thousands of items from hundreds of brands that can be embroidered, printed or engraved with your logos or designs. Once logged in to your shop, you can choose from our online catalogue, ask us to source a specific item for you, or add your own items (such as products, event tickets or subscriptions). You can then link to the shop from your website or facebook page and collect the money in your account funds.

Finding out more

How much will an online shop cost me?

You can create and run a shop for free. However, for a small monthly fee, you can unlock additional features that can make you more money.

Depending on the emblems or designs required, there may also be a small one-off fee to digitise, vectorise and sample your designs for use on the products you create.

If you want to use more advanced features - such as outsourcing stock management, customer support or using your own domain, there may be additional charges applied.

Which product manufacturers do you use?

We work with a range of manufacturers depending on the type of establishment you are. Our partners have been endorsed by official bodies such as the Schoolwear Association and the Scouts & Guides Association. We also work with official sports brands such as Adidas & Nike.

Do I have to hold stock?

No. If you choose to sell items supplied by ShopKeepEasy, you can either hold them in stock or use us to deliver direct to your customers.

However, for items added by you (such as event tickets or second hand uniform, for example) these can only be collected from you - unless you use our managed stock service which is an added extra.

If customers choose to collect from you, the items will be delivered to you for customer collection. We even make this hassle free, as you can have the delivery individually packed by customer. We also help you notify customers automatically by email when their order is ready to collect.

Who takes care of the orders?

Any home delivery orders are taken care of by ShopKeepEasy. We order the items from our many manufacturing partners, personalise them and aim to despatch within 14 days. For click & collect orders, you choose whether an item requires ordering or whether you use items that are in stock.

How do I know you will offer a quality service to our customers?

The best way is to speak to the many establishments already using our service. Ask us to refer someone and we'll put you in touch. With over 15 years experience in the industry, rest assured that the ShopKeepEasy team take pride in what we do and are continually innovating to improve our service with new features. We continually review the brands we feature in our online catalogue and are focussed on delivering an exceptional service that is great value.

How do I see if my school or club has a ShopKeepEasy shop?

Click EXPLORE and select Find a shop.

Can we sell our own items on our shop?

In addition to our online catalogue, you can ask us to source specific items for you. You can even add your own items (such as products, event tickets or subscriptions) that you can collect the money for online.

Can we use the shop to fundraise?

Yes. Its your shop, so you can price the items you sell to include a fundraising element. You can also add your own items to raise even more funds!

How do we receive payments for the funds we have raised?

Your account will detail every transaction made on your shop including the funds raised. Once you have raised over £100 (and do not have any outstanding orders that require payment), the authorised representative can request the funds by bank transfer.

Help with registering

I am trying to register as the shop manager for an establishment, but there is already a manager assigned. What shall I do?

If there is already an assigned manager for a particular establishment, our system will tell you. Simply follow the sign up steps.

I can't find my establishment in the existing search. Can I create a new account?

Yes. Under the search box there is a link to create & register a new account. Simply click this to create a new shop for a new establishment.

There seems to be two accounts with the same name and address. Which one should I choose?

From time to time, someone may create a new account for an establishment that we already have on our system. If you see more than one account with the same name and address, please contact us and we'll let you know which account to register for. We'll also delete the other account.

I'm not part of a school, club or charity but want to create an online shop for myself - is that possible?

We have a growing number of business owners, students and even high street retailers that are using ShopKeepEasy to create and manage their online shop. We're happy for anyone to use our free service and take your ecommerce business online.

We are a small establishment and don't have a manned office. Which address should we use?

Please use your registered office address where your post / documentation gets sent.

What do I do if I don't receive a confirmation email when I set up my shop?

Emails are sent immediately. Please check your spam or junk folder for an email entitled 'Select your password'. If you can't find it, you may have entered your email address incorrectly. Please try registering again.

If your organisation has a Firewall set to high, you may want to contact your ICT Technician to set ShopKeepEasy as a 'trusted sender'. If this is not the case and you are sure it was correct, visit the ShopKeepEasy homepage, click Login and then Forgot password. This will send you another email.

Failing that, please get in touch and we'll try our best to help sort it out for you.

Who do you regard as an authorised person for the school or club?

Any person who can be responsible for administrating the shop. It could be a PTA member, teacher, organiser, owner, parent (with permission), office administrator etc. Once assigned, you can also add additional administrators to the account.

The designated 'shop manager' for an account will receive the email notifications from ShopKeepEasy, such as when orders are made on your shop.

What do I do if the school / club address is incorrect?

If the address has changed, you can amend this yourself once you have registered as an administrator.

Help managing your shop

How will our customers find the shop?

Once logged in to your administrator account, ShopKeepEasy provides a number of useful resources that you can use to spread the word. You can download an 'Our shop' button to use on your website. You can download a bespoke poster to circulate to your customers. You can also use one of our automated social media sharing buttons if you have accounts on Twitter or Facebook.

Can you create and manage the shop for me?

ShopKeepEasy is all about empowering you to run your own shop in a hassle free way. Creating the shop is very easy as we take you through every step.

However, if you want us to run it for you, we can! We are able to source the exact items you want, upload bespoke images and content, and to make your web shop an all-singing all-dancing shop. We can also help with your stock (if applicable) and all your customer support. For this service there is a monthly license fee applied (depending on your requirements). Please get in touch to discuss further.

Home delivery or sold on site?

I want customers to collect their orders from our premises. Can you help?

ShopKeepEasy has a sophisticated yet simple-to-use stock management system built in. You can choose to sell items for cash on site and/or manage online orders. Our system knows when you've got items available (or out of stock) and notifies you. You can also notify customers automatically when their orders are ready for collection.

I don't want to deal with stock. I only want customers to have home delivery. Can you help?

If you choose to personalise and sell products supplied by ShopKeepEasy, these can be delivered direct to your customers. For items added or held by you (such as event tickets or second hand uniform, for example) these can only be collected from your premises - unless you use our managed stock service which is an added extra.

I want customers to have the option of home delivery or collection from us. Is that possible?

Depending on the items sold on your shop, ShopKeepEasy gives your customers the option of home delivery or click & collect from you. We also make click & collect ordering easy for you to manage since you can have the delivery individually packed by customer and notifies your customers automatically by email when it's ready to collect.

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