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Whether it's products or services you can provide - we're interested!


Item Manufacturers / Wholesalers

We provide our group shop managers with a range of carefully selected items that can be embroidered, printed or engraved with their design requirements.

Our online item catalogue is built to handle any type of item - from bespoke or stocked clothing through to personalised books or engraved paving stones.

If you would like us to consider adding your items, please get in touch.


Local businesses

We’re passionate about helping to join the dots between local businesses and their local community groups.

ShopKeepEasy enables you to offer your products or services on local group shops.

We notify you when a sale is made, and provide you with the order details so that you can follow up with them.

If you’re interested in supporting your local groups, please get in touch.


Brand / Sponsorship Agencies

Our platform enables larger service organisations - such as Lions - the ability to empower their individual clubs with their own shop for item sales and donations.

Products can be controlled centrally to ensure quality guidelines are met. Clubs can personalise with their names and other such details via our decorator workflow system.

What’s more, donation and event activity across clubs can be collected, optimising incentives and promotions across groups.

If you have clients with multiple groups, we’d be happy to discuss. Please get in touch.


Personalisation Decorators

Manufacturing single items to order, and sending direct to consumers can be challenging. But it’s the future - and the future is now.

Fortunately, we’ve got experience of shipping over 50,000 on-demand personalised items per week - and we’ve built a back-end system to help you manage it all.

If you want to join our community revolution, please get in touch.


Education Charities / Non-Profits

If you’re in the business of supporting young people with enterprise education, then we really should speak!

Our platform enables young people to have experience in running a real business that is sustainable throughout the academic year while generating funds for their school.

To find out more, please get in touch.


Corporate sponsors

Sponsor a school education programme through one of our partner charities.

Lend your staff for a day to help mentor at a local school.

Provide your products or services that they can sell via their shop.

It’s more than CSR. It ticks all the boxes. For more info, please get in touch.

ShopKeepEasy provides a powerful community platform enabling our larger service organisation clients to support & empower their membership at a local level with locally run shops. It provides much needed engagement and visibility, which in turn optimises their membership channel, maximises their revenues and gives us a competitive advantage.'
Adrian, Global CEO, brandinc

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