ByJane Betteridge Art

Get access to an exclusive video of the workshop, shot live on 24th June 2020. Here, Jane walks you through painting 'Sea Pinks on the Island at St Ives'.

Click the 'Select Variant' dropdown below and choose from the following options:

• Choose 'Full Tutorial' if you were not able to attend the live workshop, you can purchase the full tutorial experience. You will also be sent the applicable reference photos, reference painting and materials list.

• Choose 'Attendee Discount' if you attended the live workshop and would like to relive the event, you get over 50% off. When purchased, we will check that your email matches with an email used for the live workshop. **Please purchase using the same email**

Full Tutorial (£39.00)
Full Tutorial (£39.00)
Attendee Discount (£15.00)

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